25 and 26 October 2016: 
One of the hottest conference formats in the software world is coming to Sofia!
2doIT ITARC SOFIA 2016 - http://2doit.co/itarc/
in collaboration with the world's largest organization of IT architects IASA

25 and 26 October 2016:
One of the hottest conference formats in the software world is coming to Sofia!
in collaboration with the world's largest organization of IT architects IASA
In the program:
John A. Zachman, a pioneer of the enterprise architecture and originator of the Zachman Framework is coming to Bulgaria especially for the event and not just presenting the KEYNOTE session, but also handling an exclusive workshop.
At 2doIT ITARC SOFIA 2016 he is presenting:
Enterprise Architecture: SOCIETAL FOUNDATION
Paul Preiss – the man behind IASA who has taken the association from a single user group in Austin TX to an international organization with more than 80 000 followers and chapters in over 25 countries about:
1. ITABoK Engagements - Driving Practical Architecture Success
2. Emerging Architecture
And more:

Erjan Gavalji, Senior Software Architect, Progress:
Building NativeScript: The rise of an innovative mobile OSS framework.

Tihomir Ignatov, IT Architect, Microsoft:
You want to be an architect? Let's make it real.

Natasa Manousopoulou, CEE Services CTO, Microsoft:
Artificial Intelligence: from sci-fi to everyday reality.

Gheorghi Penkov, Business Analyst & Developer:
Keeping business schema synchronized.

Igor Stoyanov, Director of Engineering | CMBU - Cloud Automation Platform, VMWare:
Evolving Microservices-based architecture in enterprise products and solutions.

Chavdar Baikov, Development Architect, SAP Labs Bulgaria:
Extensibility of software as a service cloud applications
+ more to be announced
In addition to the conference program, Paul Preiss and John Zachman are both hosting exclusive workshops for very small groups:
John A. Zachman: The Zachman Framework – Solving General Management Problems
27 October 2016
Not too many people argue anymore about the reality of the “Information Age,” however neither have many Enterprises prepared to address the orders of magnitude increases in complexity and orders of magnitude increases in the rate of change that are incumbent in this new, information age. Neither working harder and faster nor some innovative technological magic is going to be adequate to accommodate these dramatic increases. This presentation includes a story about how the Director of Intelligence for the India (national) Police Service used the Zachman framework to solve a high visibility murder/kidnapping case.  It shows how multiple scenarios (i.e. multiple Enterprises) can be created to find the most appropriate one.  Then it describes the process for using the Zachman Framework to solve General Management problems. It concludes by observing that if you can solve General Management problems, there will be plenty of time and money to solve more General Management problems … and do Enterprise Architecture iteratively and incrementally at the same time.
The workshop is using interactive exercises to give the participants a sense of EA modeling style.
Paul Preiss: ITABoK
24 October 2016
The Information Technology Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) is a free public archive of IT architecture best practices, skills, and knowledge developed from the experience of individual and corporate members of Iasa, the world’s largest IT architecture professional organization.
ITABoK provides the tools and resources needed by individuals and organizations to set industry standards for professional career development and well as hiring practices and incorporation of IT architects into established or developing institutions.
Whats inside ITABoK?
• Defining the IT Architect Profession – What is an IT architect? We provide industry reference models for architects’ skills and competencies backed by international certifications.
• Utilization & Engagement of IT Architects – How are IT architects utilized within organizations and what are the interaction models between them and their clients or employers? What tools, techniques and artifacts make for successful architecture teams?
• Career Pathway – Describes the standard career path of an architect including specializations and career achievement milestones.
All information is available at 2doit.co/itarc / FB: 2doIT ITARC SOFIA 2016 and a prospect for the workshops is enclosed here.
For any further information and group registrations, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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